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A Safer Company LLC is a professional web design company with years of experience designing and developing the best websites for companies like yours. Our portfolio speaks for us!

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All About Email

Viewing Emails

There are many ways to get your email. We recommend using Microsoft Outlook since you also have the advantage of the calendar and contacts.

Viewing Email through the Internet

Most email hosting services also provide the option to view your emails through your browser. These services tend to be limited in their functionality but provide email access when you are away from your computer.

EMail Etiquette

Email has become a way of life for us, but it is easy to get bogged down in all of these emails. Please review our email etiquette suggestions.

Reporting Spam

Spam is a big problem. Spam is all of the unwanted emails that you receive from unknown people or businesses. Please do your part to help eliminate spam. Do not buy email lists. Only send emails to people who are your clients or friends.

These are some suggestions to help eliminate spam.

How do I get my email program to reveal the email header? spamcop.net

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