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A Safer Company LLC is a professional web design company with years of experience designing and developing the best websites for companies like yours. Our portfolio speaks for us!

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Search Engine Ranking Mistakes

There are several mistakes that many websites have that prevent them from ranking as high as they could with search engines. Most of these mistakes are easy to fix. If you want your website to rank as high as possible, will be glad to help.

Search Engine Ranking Mistakes

  1. Not using your company name - Check your web site and make sure that you are using your company name as much as possible instead of "we". It is also a good idea to emphasize your company name. You can see is listed on this page several time.
  2. Missing Address - Make sure you Include your city and community or neighborhood in the text on every page. Having this information on your home page is very important.
  3. Misspelled Keywords - If someone is searching for "web design" and your website has "web desing", search engines will have a hard time finding you.
  4. Leaving Words Out - If the word is not on the web page, then the search engine cannot find you. Do not assume that people or search engines will know what your business does. For example: should have "web design" on the website, but also "website", "web development, "web maintenance", "SEO", "Search Engine Optimization", etc. Make sure you include a variety of keywords that people could use to find your business.
  5. Not describing specifically what you do - Make sure that you include all the types of words and/or phrases that describe your business throughout your website. Consider what your customers call your type of business and how they might classify your business. Included words that explain the details of your business.
  6. Not getting the most from your page tags - To create more searchable tags, include your company name or the problem you solve, your location and specific words about the content on each page.
  7. Using only a toll-free number - It is great to include a toll-free phone number but make sure you include a local number too.

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