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How to Create a MS Word Document for a Website

Many people use Microsoft Word to create and edit documents. Some of the techniques that are good to use for a document are also good to use when creating a document to be imported into a web page or even uploaded to the website and opened by clients or customers.

Professional Appearance

Make sure your document looks professional. Make sure that the information in the document is current and correct and that the document flows easily from one thought to another one. It is important that you remember to spell check the document.


You want to make sure that the document is easy to read. Having plenty of white space or blank spaces in the document makes it easier to read. A document can be divided into sections to help make it easier to glance at and find the information that is needed.

Microsoft Word can make this very easy to accomplish. Microsoft Word has Styles that make it easy to format your document and to keep the formatting consistent. MS Word provides Styles for headings. If you point and click on the Styles Drop down which is circled in blue, you will see the styles Task Pane on the left side of the MS Word window. On the Styles Task Pane you should see Heading 1 which is circled in red and Heading 2 which is circled in green.

The Word document has been divided into sections. Each section should have a meaningful heading. Point and click on the words you want to use for a heading. Then click on Heading 1 in the Style Task Pane and you should see a difference in the way the Section 1 heading looks. I the example below Section 1 is in blue and a larger font than the paragraph below it. This helps readers easily glance at the document and get a quick understanding about the page.

MS Word

The document above has a section called Subsection. This uses the style Heading 2 which is circled in green. Heading 2 is a smaller font size and a different shade of blue. It is also indented. The style can be customized by clicking on the drop down beside the name of the style in the Style Task Pane.

MS Word Styles Dropdown

Below the Subsection is a list of numbered items. It is a good ideas to list item either by number or bullets. The bullet and numbers is an automatic function of MS Word. The bullet and number function is circled in pink.

The more you use Microsoft Word built in functionality, the easier it will be to create your document and the better it will look.

If you want to use your document for the content of a web page, Dreamweaver has the option to input MS Word or Excel documents. Dreamweaver will convert the MS Word heading, bullets and numbered lists into html web pages. It also converts bold, italics and underlined styles even though underlining words or phrases on website is not recommended since a underlined word or phrase commonly means that it is a hypertext link.


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